Saturday, June 11, 2011

New airline: Now fly from Fujairah

Another article on our little start-up. Here is the link: Gulf News article Journalists have a tendency to write what they perceptually hear, not what their interview partners tell them. But hey, as long as they spell my name right. Correct? (and, surprisingly, they did!)
Air passengers in the UAE may next year be flying a new Fujairah-based airline offering "low cost" tickets.

Dubai: Air passengers in the UAE may next year be flying a new Fujairah-based airline offering "low cost" tickets, XPRESS can reveal.

The carrier is expected to fly to main cities in the Gulf countries by January 2012 and later to the Indian subcontinent, Captain Alex de Vos, a Dutch aviation expert closely involved in the project, said during an exclusive interview last week.

"Our pricing model will be based on very low-cost operations to the passengers, but offer full flight services on board at the same time," de Vos said when asked about ticket prices. He is the president and CEO of Al Hajjar Aviation Consultancy in Fujairah.

No budget flight

"We won't be a ‘budget' airline per se, we're not competing with [Sharjah's] Air Arabia [for example]".

De Vos said there is no passenger service in Fujairah and residents have to take a road trip to Dubai or Sharjah to catch a flight out. He added that the planned airline will also serve tourists exploring the country's eastern region and business travellers and government officials.

De Vos said the airline, which has received its AOC (Air Operator's Certificate) in the UAE, is "basically a convenience to passengers, an additional option". He also pointed out it could serve as a "feeder" connecting flight using "other UAE hubs" to link Fujairah with the rest of the world.


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  2. Cool Bud.. Like the post.. and wish you luck.. I lived in the region for a while and left after the trouble that happened in Bahrain. I did some project management projects in Brazil and Canada from the summer until now X Mass 2011... Start ups are tough, but you will get there.